Shoulder Pads

AIMS Shoulder Pads

Developed in collaboration with professional football equipment managers, the Rawlings SRG AIMS shoulder pad line is the most technically-advanced shoulder pad in the market today.

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Siege SGE1

Lightweight, low-profile design allows for ultimate visibility and mobility, while providing maximum protection for today’s elite athletes.

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Spartan SPTNMP Pro/College

The Rawlings SRG Spartan shoulder pad series gives a new look to the traditional shoulder pad while providing the increased range of motion and flexibility that players desire.

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Titan Pro TTNQB Pro/College

The Rawlings SRG Titan shoulder pad line incorporates the Air Management II padding system into four different arch designs to meet the needs of players at any position.

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Combat CPQBL Varsity

All SRG Combat protection pads feature Venti Light pad technology. With Venti Light, an outer layer of perforated closed cell EVA foam is laminated to a softer open cell inner foam.

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Momentum MOMTM60-80 Youth

Rawlings' performance youth line delivers exceptional quality and protection for introductory players, including a low-profile design and protective components designed with the youth player in mind.

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WARNING: These pieces of protective equipment are designed to minimize the possibility of injury to the specific body part which they cover. Use of this equipment does not guarantee that you will be protected from serious, disabling or permanent injury while playing football. Any modification or alteration without permission of the manufacturer could reduce the protective capacity. Playing football or strenuous exercise while wearing this equipment in hot weather could result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke or even death.