Active Impact Absorption


Dual air bags with a scientifically-designed spacer material allows for instant and long-lasting protection, unlike standard conventional foams.


  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) material construction with anti-microbial treatment to prevent mildew, fungus, mold and bacteria growth.
  • Durable system reduces break down over time unlike conventional foams; thus offering superior impact management
  • Velcro attachments for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Lightweight nylon spacer material helps maintain the pads designed shape without sacrificing performance efficiency
WARNING: NO HELMET CAN PREVENT ALL HEAD OR ANY NECK INJURIES A PLAYER MIGHT RECEIVE WHILE PARTICIPATING IN FOOTBALL. Do not use this helmet or faceguard to butt, ram, or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of football rules and such case can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to you and possible injury to your opponent. Contact in football may result in CONCUSSION/BRAIN INJURY which no helmet can prevent. Symptoms include: loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea, or confusion. If you have symptoms, immediately stop playing and report them to your coach, trainer, doctor and parents. Do not return to a game or practice until all symptoms have resolved for an extended period of time and you have received written MEDICAL CLEARANCE. Ignoring this warning may lead to additional and more serious or fatal brain injury including potentially fatal second impact syndrome. No helmet system can protect you from serious brain and/or neck injuries including paralysis or death. To avoid these risks, do not engage in the sport of football.